Sunday, April 25, 2021

Coronavirus outbreak: Live Updates 2021

 Everyone is worried about coronavirus

How it spread all over the world. Unbeknownst to humans, this coronavirus has started to enter every human body. The virus is infecting people unknowingly and no one realizes that the coronavirus has started invading their body. In my opinion, the USA is in the first place, India is in the second place, Brazil is in the third place, France is in the fourth place. I can see the update dated 4/25/2021. Everyone says the coronavirus has spread around the world from the T-Sin laboratory.

Coronavirus is one year old and no vaccine or drug has been developed yet. How did China bring their country under control so quickly? China currently has a much lower mortality rate.

Update: April 23, 2021

As part of the agency’s regulatory processes for reviewing all manufacturing facilities, the FDA recently completed an inspection of Emergent BioSolutions, a proposed manufacturing facility for the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine. The FDA’s inspections are thorough, and these assessments review the quality of manufacturing procedures, including records, staff training, facility operations, drug production and testing and the systems in place to ensure product quality.

During the inspection, the FDA cited a number of observations concerning whether the facility’s processes met our requirements and standards. These observations are outlined in the inspection closeout report, also known as a “FDA Form 483.” The FDA’s observations are intended to identify certain conditions observed during an inspection that have the potential to lead to quality issues during the manufacturing of a product. Once we observe such conditions, we can then work with a company to help identify a path forward to remedy the issues.

You can see by clicking here how many people have been infected in a country, how many have died and how many have recovered

People around the world are now very worried about the coronavirus. When will this virus be eradicated? The general public is worried that the world economy is deteriorating. How long will you have to stay at home like this? Business is not trading. People will not die without food. Revenge medicine will come out. If it continues like this, the economy will shrink all over the world.

Photo Projects You Can Do From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We have to move with caution and keep working. It is possible to stay healthy if we follow the rules. Always move around in a clean place. Talking to people while maintaining distance. We should talk about our responsibilities and how to be careful in cooperating with others. It is the moral duty of man to be cautious and to advise others. 

How can we do photography at home? If we have a camera in our hands, it is possible because in this age all online sales and image editing are done online at home. Lockdown is going on all over the world. Of course you can

We can't do photography like this. If we can't see Face then photography is not possible. It doesn't make sense.

We have to do photography at a distance because photocopying is not possible without it. If we do product photography then there is no problem. We can do product photography at a distance.

Mobile watch clipping service
Mobile watch clipping service

Bag Shadow Service
Bag Shadow Service

Chair Shadow Service
Chair Shadow Service

Car shadow service
Car shadow service

You can read the above product services from the comfort of your own home. You can do just that by doing photography and editing companies. As far as I know, there are a few sites of editing companies. You can do the work from sitting. It is possible to be safe if you do things well from a safe place during the coronation period.

Stay safe and do product photography at home

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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Photoshop editing & Drop Shadow Services 2022

Photoshop editing &  Drop Shadow Services 2022

Creating a shadow of a natural image that looks very beautiful. The main reason for giving shadow is that if an image does not have a shadow, it looks floating. There are basically four types of shadows: reflection shadows, natural shadows and floating reflection shadows.

What is a Drop Shadow Effect?

Drop shadow or reflection shadow creates a shadow impression below or behind the center of the image. The use of shadows enhances the look and feel of an image, or they can serve to make an image more artistic without an image background . Ultimately, these effects help you to influence more of the audience’s focus to a specific portion of the image.

drop shadow makes the image look as if it rises almost slightly above the background and looks almost floating. Sometimes, it gives the object a paleness. The strategy is used by ecommerce retailers to display online product photos.

Natural Shadow

Natural Shadow :

Natural shadow is when an image is edited to create a visual effect that the object casts a shadow in the background or we can say in a nutshell a shadow falls from the light above. The photo editor can choose where the imaginative light is coming from and casting shadows accordingly. This image appears to be sitting on a surface.

Shadow or existing cast :

A photo of you has natural shadows in it but you need to edit it and create a different background. In this case, you can save the shadows that occur naturally with the right level of opacity and clarity. In some cases, you may have to recreate the shadow with your own hands. Touch Editing Fast always does it.

Photoshop Drop Shadow Services

This service adds a shadow to a product or an image that creates a natural effect that creates an overhead light. Our natural shadow services create a radiant look that adds style and grace to your images. In addition, we are able to create high-contrast shades or soft shades depending on the client’s choice.

Soft films create a less dense shade that covers larger surface areas. Equivalent to Drop Shadow Services, this service is suitable for images where there are low contrast warnings. Touch editing is faster and surpasses several other advanced shadow creation services that enhance your images and make bold statements.

Mirror-effects are otherwise known as reflection shadow services

Our mirror effect services add aesthetic appeal to any image that creates shadow maya in the opposite position of a reflective surface. The end result is an image that seems to catch your eye. Enhance the look and feel of your products with our Mirror Effects in Photoshop.

When to use Photoshop Drop Shadow Services

Our shadow creation services greatly enhance the look and quality of images. Naturally, many professionals and agencies can benefit by improving the quality of their photos. It is no secret that we survive in a world dominated by technology. So, this technology creates a lasting impact on the way we do business.

Chances are your customers are searching for your products and services online. Also, it means you are competing online with other companies. You need a bright site with quality content and images to make a strong impression on your potential. touch editing fast provides their clients with high-quality image editing services that captivate their audience.


Nowadays e-commerce retailers use our services to update the look and e-commerce image of their product catalogs. Using our shadow creation service, we are able to further enhance the look of their photographs for a more polished, uniform look. The combination of these services with our touch editing fast services also works very well.

Photography studio and agency

Our photography studios and agency clients rely heavily on touch editing fast - because their product is their photograph. So, when they combine their talents with the shadow effects of our top-level Photoshop - the results are undeniable.

touch editing fast focuses on creating superior results in keeping with the good looks in our photography agencies and studios. We like to build long-term partnerships that allow studios and individual photographers to focus on other aspects of the evolution of their business - while we take care of all of their photo editing services.

Why Choose Drop Shadow Services at touch editing fast

While most companies make bold promises, we prefer to let our actions speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a responsive, professional photography editing team, look no further than touch editing fast. We provide a wide variety of services to meet all of your photoshop editing needs. Far beyond, we provide our professional services all over the world. We service; USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and Spain. We practice making all our clients unbeatable, which is why we offer high quality services at highly competitive high prices. Also, we work on the most stringent of deadlines – and we never turn around projects late! Our office team understands that our clients expect us to produce a quality product on time, which is why we work long hours to deliver.

Regardless of your industry, if you expect more from your images, then you need an image editing service that you can count on. touch editing fast works with trained professionals who are passionate about their work, and the results speak for themselves.

Your fullest potential is only known in hindsight. Are you ready to make an impact today? Contact us to get started.

Photo Drop Shadow at touch editing fast 

No matter where you are in the world. Will help meet our photo editing requirements? 200+ professionally trained photo retouching and color correction work 24 hours a day. If you are looking for a job, you have entered the right place.

We are working with you on every order you want to sell from your own online store or achieve the results you need to please your clients. When it comes to photo reconstruction, we know that the slightest over-editing can ruin an entire image. Leaving the original image. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that images are carefully balanced with edits. Night and day 24 hours.

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car shadows service & Car Background Removal Service

Car shadows service & Car Background Removal Service

If you leave the car in a certain place and take photographs, maybe you can see a lot of scenes in or around the back of the car. It will basically look bad and it will look awkward to not wear beautiful shadows underneath. That’s why Touch Editing Fast (TEF)  has made a decision to create shadows for all types of products.

Car shadow service

Online car dealers have discovered their great visual value to buyers with the importance of high-quality images of all images. The color, background, retouching, shadow, and other little adjustments give the buyer an appealing image. 

What is a car photo editing service?

You sell cars in a showroom and it is important to keep pictures of car models of your whole business and buyers call you and wait so that you can sell. Potential car buyers will decide whether to visit your car dealership, based on the experience of the picture you provided.

Your car needs to be contacted by a professional photo editor. Your website must have a lot of backgrounds like postage, catalogs, billboards, and more and you have to take pictures of the cars.

There are several important tasks:-  These are very important for the car, they must work, moreover, the beauty of the car will not come.

Color Correction,   Remove the Background,  Background Replacement, car shadows service,

Windows Glass Transparent,    Car Photos Retouching,  Color Adjustment.

I'm drawing the attention of car dealers again. If you want to improve the car, then you must do good photography. This is also an important issue. There are five types of pictures to take for a car to show customers what benefits your car has. Below is a sample of my blog. 

I said why are you making shadows because I am showing you a sample. A lot of things seen around a car don't look good in it. If you sell the car, it won't sell for you. Because it doesn't look good. There are a lot of cars, there is a lot of dirt underneath. You must take the service of Touch Editing Fast to clean them.

Car Shadow
Looking at the image of the original image looks much worse

The whole process of the car is complete

First, select the image for all types of vehicles. Open it in Photoshop and clip it with the pen tool. Then you select a background then you separate the image with a layer and then put it in the new background. Then you can be clipping the shadow space or the wheel space nicely with the pen tool.

Car Shadow
Background removal and shadow service
You must have seen the link above and the ones I have removed the background below. I hope you can consider the change yourself. If you remove the background, the brightness of the image that comes back is possible only if you work. If I had just set the background, then maybe any product can be shown in your speech. If you use the shadow below, it will look like you put the image somewhere, then the beauty comes back.

Car Shadow
Background removal and shadow service

You notice each image well. Maybe not everyone works or can't work the way I did. You can't clean the shadow of every image and not everyone can clean 100% of the glass. We try to set the background by setting it on the image glass in objection. The important thing is your shadow I just tried to show normal shadow on this blog. In the next step, you will probably see all types of fertilizers for the car such as original shadow, Car drop shadow, reflection shadow service. You can see these in the next step and you can also watch the video in the new blog.

Car Shadow
Background removal and shadow service


The reason for taking pictures from the site is to remind you how big the seat will be for the set or to see what else is seen. The beauty of any car is the view around it. I worked on the glass of the car, leaving the old background behind and putting in a new one. The beauty of the image is revealed now.

Car Shadow
Glass change in the car

The picture was taken to illustrate the front of the car to show what other features are in front of the car. Everything in front is clearly shown so that it will be convenient for them to buy and understand the car. I have removed the background in front of the glass and put a new background in it which has added a little bit of beauty. And it looks good.

Car background removing
Glass change in the car

The rear part of the car is pictured. What are the advantages of the rear? There are two sets and there are many places to sit.

Car background removing
Glass change in the car

Car background & shadow
The view around the car and the shadow and background change below

shadow service

I have made it for all photographers. If you need car shadow then of course you can contact me at the link below or it is applicable for all dealers.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Images Background Removal Service

Images Background Removal Service

If you are a photographer, online retailer or photographer for business, you must have some idea of Photoshop, 100% white background removal or the right background as the color of the image, ( Touch Editing Fast ) does it. The client can choose the color.

Our Background Removal Service team can professionally image, delete backgrounds from images from one image or from one thousand (and more) eCommerce products using the correct colors. And you can resize the image and put it in the right place if you want. We can provide you with high-resolution edited images that get the job done quickly with affordable and affordable prices.Why You Need Background Removal Service

background removing service

Background removal and image masking—what are these terms for.

This process is done by eliminating the background off from any image to effectively remove undesirable elements. If you want to publish presentable images on eCommerce sites or listings, photo cutout editing is the way to go. Our professionally edited photos can be used anywhere, from eCommerce businesses, photography services, fashion and modeling fields, newspaper and magazine printing, advertising and marketing, to websites and print. We understand how such industries need expertly curetted product photos with flawless quality and seamless manipulation achieved through replacing, changing or removing the background and other unwanted objects.

We remove a white, lifeless background. We are an international remove-the-background professional company geared with five years of expertise in the digital camerawork industry. We have numerous collaborations with various media, printing, ecommerce, fashion design, photography and other art companies. Our Image Editing service team is composed of 400 skillful photographers, graphic designers, and photo reducer’s who have an armoire of experiences and skills to provide the best and most trusted White background removal services online.

background removing service

Remove White Background currently processes 3,500 images a day, with an average delivery of only 24 Hours after you order. We can rotate, crop, edit, enhance or add colors and re-create natural shadows to give you attractive and valuable eCommerce product photos!

Categories of Image Background Removal Service

Deep-etching and background removal are made with various methods using Photoshop or other professional editing software. To provide you high-quality manually drawn Clipping path, Photoshop Masking, and Clipping path services, we edit images by hand, which we consider as the best strategy. Our Background Removal Service is divided into classes referring to complexities, procedures, and product prototype.

To get an idea, please continue reading below.

Background knockout service for brands includes:

Removing/ Replacement Bg,

Watermark Ad/Remove

Borders fixing, Resizing, Cropping,

Natural, Drop or Reflection Shadow creation

Clean up Dust, Spot/ Wrinkle Removal

Ghost Mannequin / Clothes Smoothing

Remove Image Background and Insert White Background Service :

Background Removal is used to remove unwanted back drops from an image and this is a technique that is often used Remove image backgrounds. Think about taking a snap shop of a product where some substances that you didn’t mean to show exists; especially when you are doing an advertisement for your products In an e- commerce site. Photo cut out very often involves adding a new background to the image or adding some shades to it.

Removing background from an image basically modifies the whole image. It will look attractive and eye-catching to others. At RWB, we offer you the exceptional image background removers which are able to edit your images proficiently in a short amount of time. We are well aware that money matters a lot and us, therefore, charge reasonably to be able to keep our clients. The whole view point changes when you cut out the boring and lifeless background and add up some up to date and exciting ones. Removing task after the entire clipping path requires a 100% accuracy so that it can look cool and breathtaking and that is the reason why you should leave the task of dong all that to our professionals.

To remove image background, you need several tools including Color Path or Multiple Clipping Paths, using a Background Eraser Tool, using a Channel Mask and removing a background with Pen Tool.

White Background Service

Why You Should Consider Background Removal Services at TEF :

So remote display background, in that provision you with incomparable image background removal service. It is a real flexible task to maintain the higher standard of the image and to remove the background in the correct way. Our team of professional designers is able to deliver high-quality work in no time. We are ready to accept any form of challenge and all you need to do is to press the free Trial Button then you can choose to trust us after getting to know us better. Our price ranges start from as low as $0.40 to as high as $5 depending on the complexity level of the work. However, if you have bulk images we have a special discount and service to you. The time taken to complete the task is determined by the quantity and the level of complexity of the work. Generally the most complex task takes more than an hour to complete one image.

Move to a White Background Our pricing experts focus on the need and deliver the task accordingly. So, if you have anything, please feel free to leave this job to us and you will feel free to like what we do for you. Go ahead and place an order or start with our free trial. While placing an order remember to mention the quantity of your project and also do not forget to upload a sample image in the upload box as well as state the specific requirements for the image .We look forward to working with you.

The below are our service features and we are working hard for them to be more and more simple and efficient:

Clean and Simple Control Panel :

We have an easy to use control panel that is clean which gives you a new experience and you will, therefore, be able to manage everything at the client area. You will be able to transmit images through our integrated web-uploader. We have options for image size, name, quantity of images, uploading progress and adding and removing images.

Flexible Payment Options :

We offer weekly payment options with numerous payment methods that include: Pioneer, PayPal, payza, Skrill, Google wallet and we have also included major credit cards like American Express, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Visa and many others.

Car shadow service
background removing
background removing

clipping path
background removing
clipping path
clipping path

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

2021 Clipping Paths made for for $0.29 each

Get your Clipping Paths made for for $0.29 each

We make it 100% handmade. Quick edit touches detach images from their background. You can upload images without any path; And (within 12 hours or within 24 hours we check the quality of the sheet and send the image to the clients), you can download this same image, just the image of the path.

Large clipping path

See the "How to send job files" section for job details. It describes how your images should be sent to us, in what format and how to send them when we hear them back to you.

clipping path

With the Photoshop pen tool we always have hand drawn clipping paths. When we do clipping paths. Then we get at least 300% screen view for perfect details. Each image is tested by the quality of our team leader. We provide 100% quality song for clients with perfect check sent.

clipping path

What is clipping path:

My personal explanation of what clipping path is, a tool like scissor in image editing software, enable to cut an object precisely and perfectly from an image so that you can work on it. The tool is also known as pen tool or selection tool, closed vector path or shape. Closed vector path or shape. It sets the boundaries between the edges of your objects and the white background behind them. In a broader sense, when cutting an object to follow the edges, all the things inside the line or path are inserted as the final cut when all the things outside are removed.

Clipping Path Tool: The clipping path is specially applied to remove the background or to create any background for selling products online. This allow to isolate and display products more prominently. There are also many usage of clipping path. Sometimes it is used to select and edit a specific region or change the shape of an image.

You need to know the content when clipping: To achieve a realistic image through clipping, you need to bring it to perfection. Be present in every detail of the object so that no part of the image is omitted. Remember you only need to draw the outer parts, if you move from the outside to the other, the selected interior and exterior will be deleted so use the tool carefully. When the clipping path becomes blue lines, set the subject aside and set it to a new background. While choosing background, consider those color that brings the focus to the subject more. For selling products, white, black and gray are mostly used for product background. You can also use transparent backgrounds if there is a demand for the subject. So, choose background base on your subject. You can see the results of the actual achievement if the subjects need it.

When not to clipping path rather use image masking :

The clipping path is not fully effective if the subject has hair, whether there is fur (such as model or beer or winter clothes)  or are blurry and transparent. In that case, image masking works accurately and clearly than clipping path. The image looks more consistent, The image looks more consistent and realistic and professional using masking.

What is clipping path service: 

Clipping Path is a tool in Photoshop. If you are not ready to edit an image, all photographers need a clipping path service here for image editing. There are many professionals and companies who offers to do this job at a very low cost for you. Most of the clipping path service companies are seen in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Philippine, India, Pakistan and Nepal, Bangladesh is far ahead of many countries in outsourcing which can provide their services to developed countries, fostering outsourcing of such activities.

The sectors where needs clipping path:

clipping pathclipping pathclipping pathclipping path

 clipping path image

 clipping path photoshop


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Friday, January 15, 2021

Best's Photoshop Masking 2021 Best Service

Photoshop Masking

When you want to move an image from one background to another, there is no other way to mask the hair, it is a difficult challenge. To get the perfect professional hair masking result from any picture, our masking team will master the best techniques. What does it cost? Masking price starts from $1, up to $5 based on your requirements.

hair Masking

Masking with retouching service

  • Masking is very popular among portrait photographers with remodeling as an add-on service. There are a lot of dust removal or wrinkles in the image. Removal is a popular choice to increase the quality of an image. To make it easier for you, we provide reconstruction service with the help of alpha masking or layer masking.

Transparent Layer Masking

  • Transparent objects like glass, plastic or spectacles require advanced technique of masking. We are expert to make your product look stunning. After masking with your given instruction we can change the background of your liking.


  • Image masking, the technique we use is when the clipping path is no longer an option. The clipping path becomes very difficult to use when the subject matter is in a messy condition like fur or hair. In this case, a technique called image masking service is implemented. Some variations or specialties of clipping mask, channel masking, alpha masking, layer masking and transparency masking services.



Alpha Channel Masking

Advanced or Complex Layer Masking(Hair masking & Fur masking)

 Layer masking

Translucent Image Masking

Photoshop College Masking

Layer masking

clipping path is basically associated with the graphic designer, drawing with the pen tool around the image to select the required part of the image. Image masking service is significantly less destructive. The designer of an image simply needs to color across a desired area, select and then use it as needed. This gives the designer more freedom to look good. His / her magic work.

The main advantage of using a layer mask is that if any part of the image looks omitted or damaged, it can be fully recovered. Without any permanent change in the image, an image can be restored to its original appearance with minimal effort in many beautiful ways.

Layer masking
 Layer masking

Channel alpha masking

This technique works to create masks with the help of colors. Alpha masking mostly uses a color combination of one of the 4 images. RGB - Red Green Blue, Channel Blue is basically alpha masking using Bulu color.

The advantage of using alpha masking is that the designer can select a single color tone and apply a mask based on it. It is highly effective in situations where the colors are not similar or so clear. For example, selecting fire smoke can be easily done using this alpha masking or channel masking method.

Channel alpha masking
Channel alpha masking

Transparent masking

The main reason for using transparent masking is that any one background can be applied. Which can be easily placed in the image. Transparent masking can be done in two options, layer mask in or channel masking.

Our company has a team of designers who are no less than experts in image selection. Touch Editing is the right tool for fast company. They will make sure that your image is perfectly fine! If the image is correct, we send the image to the client.

Transparent masking
Transparent masking


using Chanel masks, hair and hairy areas look absolutely natural when we put them in different backgrounds. Get every little and smooth detail through our highly skilled masking experts Photoshop Hand Brushes.. Our highly skilled masking experts get every small and smooth detail by Photoshop hand brushes. You save your time and enjoy our quality image editing services.

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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Clock retouching and color correction service.

Enhance your photo content, fix spots and get a naturally illuminated photo.

You select the image and take a good picture of it then if there is any stain or color problem in your image then select CT then take the help of a good photo editor who can do the best watch retouch, color correction, and beautifully. If you don't have the best in your house, your website or your client may not like it, so you need the best editor to do the best work. You must try to get the best one.

We now come to work. Now we must select a watch and do a clipping path to remove the background of the watch. Then we need to do a clipping path again to remove the background or shadow color correction. I will show it. We will try to show as much as possible even after it is not possible to show all the works in the picture

Clock dial

Clock dial

The dial of the watch does not look very beautiful in your photography, you may need to do color correction to recreate it in Photoshop because the color of the watch may change after using the lights around the clock or not.

Clipping path Clock

To make the watch clipping path, you must open Photoshop. Clipping should be done beautifully using Photoshop pen tool. Background needs to be removed. Abab will have to make a new clipping path. If you want to do color correction, you have to clipping each layer separately. This is called a multi-clipping path. Multiple clipping path is called a multi-clipping path. Then you have to do color correction. It is very convenient for color correction which is shown below.

Clock dial Clipping path

We have explained the whole work through the image. First we have removed the background then we have multi-selected each layer separately for the color correction below.

Clock color change

Many times it is seen that the color of the watch changes. The color of your watch is no longer the same as it used to be. There is a system for this. Touch editing fast. Using Photoshop's best tool to retouch makes the watch color look much nicer.

Clock color change

Color correction has been done very nicely. Using camera or filter, before and after is shown in the image below . The main reason for separating each layer is that there will be no work other than just what I want to do

First I corrected the color of the watch using the camera or filter. Then I collected the watch's ribbon color, and put the image in a certain place. Using the underline

Clear glass stains: You can follow the image. There are some stains on the inside of the clock on the glass. It can be done very easily with an Auto in Photoshop. I will use it (Fill). It will become much easier. I will select and delete the spot

Original image and complete image:

The original image looks blurry and what we have done looks much clearer and much nicer. Touch editing fast Creative is always working

clock resize :

Your image may need a recharge, it can't be placed anywhere without a specific size. Must have a certain size. The one I will give will be 1800 pixels and 200 canvases total 2000.

clock resize

Resize complete image:

We now get a clock of a certain size. This is a recharge done image.

Photo retouching and Color correction services at touch editing fast

Photo retouching and Color correction services at touch editing fast 

No matter where you are in the world. Will help meet our photo editing requirements. 200+ professionally trained photo retouching and color correction works 24 hours a day. If you are looking for a job, you have entered the right place.

We are working with you on every order you want to sell from your own online store or achieve the results you need to please your clients. When it comes to photo reconstruction, we know that the slightest over-editing can ruin an entire image.Leaving the original image. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that images are carefully balanced with edits. Night and day 24 hours.

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